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Shipping & Packaging Items on GSA Advantage, Fedmall, and DID Storefront

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Document Imaging Dimensions with General Services Administration (GSA) is your one-stop resource for day-to-day packaging and shipping supply needs and more. Find everything you need to securely, efficiently and cost-effectively prepare and transport items when you purchase products offered under our GSA MAS contract # 47QSEA19D00B9 (SIN: 3PACK / PSC’s: 8105, 8110 and 8135).


We stand ready to serve you with a wide range of products, supplies and packaging services. You can count on us to help your agency work faster, easier and greener by ordering the exact supplies and services you require to get your items packaged, shipped and delivered on time.


Our catalog includes the following products:

  • Bags, Sacks; Paper, Plastic

  • Bottles, Jars, Cartons, Crates, Cases

  • Container Systems, and Boxes

  • Wrapping and Strapping Materials

  • Plastic and Steel

  • Packaging and Packing Bulk Materials

  • Performance-oriented Packaging

  • Shipping Sacks, Paper, Plastic

  • Aluminum Foil

  • Sand Bags, Burlap Bags

  • Barrier Material

  • Packaging Services

  • Pallets; Plastic, Wood and Corrugated

  • Closed Cell Plastic Sacks

  • Cushioned Paper Mailers

  • Maintenance, Repair of Containers

  • See a larger list of items

How to Order Shipping & Packaging Products
  1. Direct from Document Imaging Dimensions
    Phone: 1 877-934-3462
    Local: 1 630-553-3131

    Direct on-line:

  2. U.S. Department of Defense FedMall

  3. GSA Advantage!®

These types of shipping and packaging products along with many others may be procured directly from our online eStore. In addition, customers can review products and pricing by logging in to a new or existing account using the login box in the upper right of this screen.

Alternatively, our items can be procured from GSA Advantage and FedMall. Look for Document Imaging Dimensions and choose us as your preferred contractor.

For assistance or additional information please contact us at (877) 934-3462 or via email to

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